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History of Gentle fitness

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World Wide Use
     The program
is used by people in over 40 countries! Thousands of people use Gentle Fitness year after year - many have worn out their original videos and have gratefully purchased the better technology of the DVD.  People in their own homes just keep using it. What better testimony? A video that sits on a bookshelf does no good. They really do use it. Groups at community, senior and hospital wellness centers have had Gentle Fitness on their schedules - without pause - for the better part of 20 years!
     Gentle Fitness is not perky, peppy, or patronizing. It is therapeutic, peaceful and smart, using the wisdom of the ancient healing arts of Yoga and T'ai Chi. The body mechanics are cued for maximum health benefits and safety. Using state-of-the-art exercise kinesiology and exercise physiology, the program leads viewers through 113 whole mind/whole body movements and stretches to  Strengthen inner core muscles, Oxygenate the blood, Deepen respiration, Invigorate the immune and lymphatic systems, Mobilize stiff muscles, and Alleviate pain.
     There is magic in the wonderful people who are in the program with me. The easy-to-follow movements and stretches flow one to the next. Viewers enjoy the smiles of all, the music, the beauty of the graphics and the many inspirational panels that tick along through the 90-minute program - these are some of the qualities that keeps people using and benefiting from Gentle Fitness

   Gentle Fitness is a holistic program in every sense of the word. It was developed to address the physical, psychological and emotional needs of viewers.​
​    As I write this in 2018, I have had MS since I was 19 - 54 years. After an especially rough decade from age 35 to 45, I wanted to explore the making of a video that people could use at home, based on what I had done to help me manage, mature and to stay in control of my MS. I made Gentle Fitness from that life experience .. and from my love of teaching.

     Making Gentle Fitness has been an amazing journey. The time, expense and commitment for a project of this kind was more intense than I could have ever imagined! Having been able to complete a program with the integrity and life of this video-turned-DVD  has kept me going, long after I thought I couldn't.    

     I have heartfelt gratefulness to more people than could possibly be named in this space. At the close of Gentle Fitness I am proud to be able to list each Class Member (Participant) and each Advisory Board Professional. There is a powerful final segment to the program called Meet the Participants. It should be seen by everyone who is healing, or who is a healer.
 People from the four corners of the globe have told me in their phone calls, e-mails, and letters that Gentle Fitness gives them dignity, calm, and comfort. They tell me, in glowing words how the movements and stretches help them feel better! And they just know they've done something smart for themselves.

   It has won awards over the years. One was the American Medical Association's Freddie Award for the category of the International Health and Medical Film Competition.The Freddie is the 'Oscar', the highest honor for health-related film on any subject. The mission of the FREDDIE Awards is to provide encouragement and acknowledgment to the producers of health and medical electronic media. We are proud to share their accomplishments with a world that will benefit greatly from the knowledge they provide,” said Donna Hill Howes, Executive Producer of the FREDDIE Awards.
   Gentle Fitness joined the luminous ranks of other winners including, Bill and Melinda Gates, Christopher Reeve, Marlo Thomas, Jerry Lewis, Jack LaLanne, Mary Tyler Moore, Doctors Without Borders, Jonas Salk, M.D., Senators John Glenn, Bob and Elizabeth Dole, and basketball legend Magic Johnson, to name a few. One year, Christopher Reeves was honored by that academy. Another year, Mary Tyler Moore was chosen. Magic Johnson is another recipient of the Freddie Award (seen right). 

    The year Gentle Fitness won, the 2nd and 3rd place awards went to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Kaiser Permanente. I was (am) deeply honored!