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Health benefits

Gain ROM, balance, emotional calm, vitality, confidence and independence

Sleep better, look better, cope easier, keep medication to a minimum - naturally

  • Improve activities of daily function
  • Learn therapeutic pursed lip breathing Helpful for asthma / COPD.
  • Benefit from Catherine MacRae's superb instructions. With her extensive knowledge base, she teaches and demonstrates perfect body mechanics. And she is so easy-to-follow!

Gentle Fitness is recommended by

Mayo Clinic, Beth Israel, Johns Hopkins, Providence Health Systems, Baylor College of Medicine, Northwestern University Med School, and others

  • By medical, chiropractic, and naturopathic doctors.
  • By nurses, rehab therapists, massage therapists, yoga teachers.
  • By friends .. to friends

You deserve to feel good

   Smart, fun, and therapeutic chair exercise / chair yoga for seniors, people living with strength, stamina or circulation issues, musculoskeletal pain, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, myofascial pain, diabetes, cancer recovery, cardio rehab, physical rehab...

   Healing stretches and movements in 90-minute DVD. Choose from the 6 short, complete routines and use the parts you enjoy the most... Also features 3 inspirational and informative video shorts. Comes with 20-page booklet Guide to Exercise.

Awards / Reviews

  • Winner ... American Medical Association's  International Health & Medical Film Competition
  • Winner ... National Health Information Award
  • Winner ... Mature Media Award
  • "A perfect 10" ...Dynamic Chiropractic News
  • "5 stars for excellence!"... Video Rating Guide

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